Frequently Asked Questions

Who is C.O.R.E

Composed of four of Florida’s constitutionally-mandated offices including Sheriff, Clerk of Court, Tax Collector, and Property Appraiser, C.O.R.E. is a united body to promote the importance of the vicennial constitutional revision process and served as a resource on role-related matters.

Does Amendment 10 have support?

Yes! Nearly 2/3 of voters interviewed in an interactive voice response survey agreed that the sheriff, clerk of court, property appraiser, and tax collector should be elected by county residents.

What does Amendment 10 accomplish?

Amendment 10 returns the power to voters to determine who will serve as their sheriff, clerk of court, property appraisers, tax collector, and supervisor of elections.

How can I learn more about Amendment 10?

Start by reading about Amendment 10 here. Then reach out to one of our spokespersons to chat about Amendment 10, or we can organize an opportunity for them to come speak to your group.

Aren’t all constitutional officers already elected?

Not all constitutional officers are elected or held accountable to the people they serve; however, they should be. Most counties are fortunate to have elected constitutional officers. Everyone should care about protecting their right to vote.

Does Amendment 10 impact my county?

Yes! Even if you are one of the fortunate citizens who have the right to vote for your constitutional officers, charter counties have the capability to take over the constitutional offices because it grows their power and control, which isn’t often in the best interest of the public. You, the people, are the only thing standing in their way. Amendment 10 protects your right to vote.

Does Amendment 10 attack home rule?

No, it does not. Amendment 10 simply ensures that home rule is not abused. Constitutional officers create a much-needed bridge between the State of Florida and all 67 counties. This guarantees transparency and accountability. The “home” should be ruled by its citizens. 

Does the Department of Veterans’ Affairs already exist in the State of Florida Constitution?

Surprisingly, no. Amendment 10 will preserve the structure and governance of the Department of Veterans’ Affairs in the State of Florida Constitution to support the changing needs of Florida’s military members. This will give our Veterans much-deserved peace of mind because this is a promise that Florida’s veterans will always have the services they need and have earned.