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Fox News 13: Amendment 10 backed by some Bay Area sheriffs

09/18/2018 | Posted in: Uncategorized

The Florida Sheriff's Association rolled out its push to educate Florida voters on Amendment 10 Thursday at the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office.

WCTV: Constitutional officials want public to vote Yes on Amendment 10

09/18/2018 | Posted in: Uncategorized

Eight counties in the state have either taken power away from some constitutional officers or made some positions appointed instead of elected.

Florida Politics: Local elected officers launch Amendment 10 initiative

09/18/2018 | Posted in: Uncategorized

Some of Florida’s Sheriffs, Tax Collectors, Clerks of Circuit Court, Property Appraisers, and other supporters gathered at the Capitol Wednesday to kick off a “statewide education initiative” about Amendment 10, or the “Protection Amendment.”

WFSU: Local Officials Rally Behind Amendment 10

09/18/2018 | Posted in: Uncategorized

Florida officials are rallying behind Amendment 10, which would require certain local offices be elected rather than appointed.

New Polling Data Shows Miami-Dade Voters Support Electing Constitutional Officers

04/16/2018 | Posted in: News

New polling data shows Miami-Dade residents support a key portion of CRC Proposal 6005, which addresses state and local government structure and operation. These results show voters support electing independent constitutional officers.